Riverside Area

Riverside is about 15-40 minutes from campus by UT shuttle (depends heavily on traffic on I-35). Three UT shuttle routes go through this area (LS, NR, CP). Apartment complexes in Riverside are big and new. Most of them offer free Internet and cable, furniture in the unit and amenities like tennis court, basketball court, gym and pool. The rent in Riverside is very low (~$450 per month). Riverside is very close to the newly built Broadwalk (a trail along the town lake). There is a HEB plus in this area so grocery shopping is easy. If you want to live in a cost-effective area, we recommend Riverside to you.
The downside of Riverside area is that its crime rate was relatively high in the past. However, it has been improved a lot recently. In addition, most of the apartment complexes are gated, so it will be safe inside. In fact, a large number of UT students are living in Riverside and the number is growing.
Partial list of apartments in Riverside area:
1. University Estates(2016 group lease):www.ueaustin.com
2. The Ballpark(2016 group lease. Divided into East, South, West and North, each has its own website):www.theballparkwest.com/www.theballparkeast.com/www.theballparkaustin.com
3. University Village:www.uvaustin.com
4. Trace Condo
5. Town Lake:www.townlakeataustin.com
6. The Collections at Riverside Apartments:www.collectionatriverside.com
7. Country Club Creek:www.countryclubcreekapts.com
8. Breakers on the Lake:breakersapartmentsaustin.com

To help you visualize the apartments in Riverside area, we made this interactive map.
Red Dot:Apartments (Click to see more info)
Red Star:Supermarket
Lines: UT shuttle route (different color represents different routes)
Pins: UT shuttle stops (different color represents different routes)