Farwest Area

Farwest, as the name suggests, is far from the UT main campus. Nevertheless, you will be able to get to campus within 30-40 minutes (depends on traffic) by UT shuttle.
Although Farwest is distant from main campus, many UT students live here because of its great neighborhood. In fact, Farwest is one of the most livable areas of Austin. It is also close to many supermarkets like Costco and MT market. Rent in Farwest is around $600-800 per month. It’s worth noting that there are good kindergartens and schools in this area, so we would recommend families to live here.
One disadvantage of Farwest area is that apartments here are old (similar to North Campus). It’s also inconvenient to live in Farwest if you don’t have a car.
Partial list of apartments in Farwest:
1. Acacia Cliffs (2016 group lease):www.pricerealtycorp.com
2. The Ridge:www.ridgeapthomes.com
3. Oak Ridge:www.oakridge-apts.net
4. Ben Oaks:www.bentoakapartments.net
5. Juniper Springs:www.juniperspringsapartments.com
6. Westdale Parke:www.westdale-parke.com
7. Westdale Pointe:www.westdale-pointe.com
8. NorthWest Hills:www.northwesthillsapartments.com
9. WoodHollow:www.liveatwoodhollow.com
To help you visualize the apartments in Farwest area, we made this interactive map.
Red Dot:Apartments (Click to see more info)
Red Star:Supermarket
Lines: UT shuttle route
Pins: UT shuttle stops