Campus Area

If you have classes in the early morning, living closer to campus would be a good option for you. Apartments in Campus Area are generally within 5-15 minutes walk to main campus. In addition, three UT shuttle routes (WC, RR, IF) are available in this area. The Campus Area can be further divided into West Campus, North Campus and Hyde Park (the area that is further north than North Campus)

West Campus:
West Campus is only 5-10 minutes walk from Perry-Castaneda Library, Gregory Gym and most classroom buildings, its residents being mostly UT undergraduates. Majority of the apartment complexes in West Campus are recently built with nice features like gym, swimming pools and study rooms. A lot of convenient stores and restaurants (including those on Guadalupe Street) are scattered around this area, which makes it very convenient to live in. If you are going to UT and not planning to buy a car, you probably want to live in West Campus.
Nightlife in West Campus is wonderful. There are always exciting events and parties going on, especially during weekends. However, if you prefer to live in a quiet community, you need to choose your apartment carefully to avoid the many frat houses in the region.
The major disadvantage of West Campus is its high rent, which is around $1000 per month.
Some of the apartments in West Campus:
1. The G (2016 group lease) :
2. Axis West (2016 group lease)
3. The Corner (2016 group lease)
4. Longhorn Luxury Student Living
5. West 24th
6. University
7. Lee
8. 21
9. Villas on
10. Regents West at
(Please see the interactive map below for more apartments)
North Campus/Hyde Park:
North Campus refers to the region that is north beyond Dean Keeton Street.  It’s relatively far from business school, but much closer to law school and engineering school (5-10 minutes walk). Compared to West Campus, the apartments in North Campus are older, which results in a lower rent ($100-200 lower than West Campus). North Campus is a lot quieter than West Campus. Residents here include both undergraduate and graduate students. It’s worth noting that most apartments in North Campus are not furnished.
Hyde Park is similar to North Campus in terms of environment. Because it’s farther away from campus, the rent will be lower compared to North Campus. You can still walk to campus from Hyde Park (~20 minutes), but most people choose to ride the IF or RR shuttle to campus.
Partial list of apartments in North Campus/Hyde Park(most of them don’t have a website):
1. 300/306/400 East 30th Street(1-1,2-2,3-3 available,$700-800 per room)
2. 3121 Speedway (1-1, 2-2; $995-1375)
3. 3503 Speedway
4. 500 Elmwood Place (efficiency, 1-1; $600-800)
5. Park
6. 924 East Dean Keeton Street (1-1, 2-2:$700-1400)
7. Red River Luxury
8. Blackstone Apartments
9. 3400 Harmon Avenue
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To help you visualize apartments in Campus Area, we made this interactive map.
Red Dot:Apartments (Click to see more info)
Blue lines: UT shuttle route
Yellow pins: UT shuttle stops