Austin Student Housing

In this page, we introduce the four major areas where UT students live. They are Riverside, Farwest, Campus and Pickle Research Campus.

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Location of the four areas are as follows,

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Student Housing Areas

  1. Campus: This area is the closest to campus. Campus area can be further divided into West Campus, North Campus and Hyde Park. Residents of this area are mainly UT students. The advantage of this area is that it’s within walking distance of campus. Read more ->
  2. Riverside: This area has several large student apartment complexes like The Ballpark and University Estates. These apartments generally offer low rent and furniture in the unit. Three UT shuttle bus routes run through this area. Read more ->
  3. Farwest: This area is relatively far (as the name suggests!) from main campus. However, a lot of UT students choose to live here because of the beautiful landscape and nice communities. Read more ->
  4. Pickle Research Campus (PRC): Many ECE, CHE and GEO major graduate students are required to work at Pickle Research Campus. Although many people choose to commute from Farwest area, there are quite a few apartments near PRC to choose from. Read more ->

There are UT shuttle routes connecting Farwest, Campus and Riverside area to main campus. They routes are as follows. (The only UT shuttle to PRC runs between main campus and PRC, which is not shown in the maps below)

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Off-campus UT Shuttle Routes

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Campus Area Shuttle Route